November 16, 2015

MSCI Members Asked To Sign Petition Urging Action On Tax Extenders

Congressional tax writers continue to debate how to deal with a set of tax provisions that expire at the end of this year. (As a reminder, the new House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Rep. Kevin Brady, has pledged the extenders bill is first on his to-do list for his panel.) 

While the most likely outcome remains that lawmakers will pass a package that extends these provisions for one year (2016) only, there is still discussion about extending some of the provisions permanently, or on a three-year basis. The Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) is working to support the possibility of longer-term extensions and will continue to update its members on progress of those efforts. 

In the meantime, MSCI urges its members to sign the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s petition asking members of Congress to quickly pass a tax extenders bill. MSCI members may also consider sending a letter through the National Association of Manufacturers’ website

Meanwhile, representatives from the White House have said President Barack Obama would like to see the tax reductions contained in a potential extenders bill full offset, a goal that could complicate negotiations and lead to Congress considering provisions to raise taxes elsewhere.