August 8, 2016

MSCI: Metal Matters—Let’s Get Out The Vote

This year’s election has been one of the most polarizing our country has ever seen, and several Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) members have expressed a fear that important metals issues will be lost in the midst of this unconventional election cycle. MSCI can’t—and won’t—let that happen, which is why it will work in the coming months to register more members of the metals industry to vote. 

September will be MSCI’s National Voter Registration Month. During this month, MSCI will work with members to host a voter registration drives that will offer employees and customers of member companies an opportunity to register to vote and to gain access to non-partisan materials on important public policy issues that affect the metals industry, MSCI member companies, and metals industry jobs. These drives will not be used to promote any one candidate—their purpose simply is to help MSCI’s metals industry colleagues exercise their right to make their voice heard. If member companies are interested in hosting one of these events, contact an MSCI representative or check out MSCI’s Get Out the Vote toolkit

MSCI also urges members to check out MSCI’s new Metal Matters website, which includes detailed explanations of the core public policy issues MSCI is fighting for and why these issues matter. Other helpful tools members will find on the website include MSCI’s:

Elections matter and metal matters. Please join MSCI this year as it works to make the collective voice of the metals industry heard.