August 25, 2014

MSCI, Pennsylvania Steel Column Appears in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Wondering what should be on Congress’s agenda when it returns on Sept. 8? Then read MSCI CEO Bob Weidner and Pennsylvania Steel Co. Vice President and General Manager Lee Kushman’s column that appeared this month in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Weidner and Kushman discuss their June visit to Washington, DC with the National Association of Manufacturers 2014 summit and outline an agenda for Congress going forward. Weidner and Kushman argue Congress needs to pass legislation to address currency manipulation, to reform the tax code and workforce training programs and to oppose cumbersome new Environmental Protection Agency regulations that will impose significant costs on the metals service and manufacturing industries. Weidner and Kushman also remind readers of the impact the metals industry has on Pennsylvania’s economy. That data came from MSCI’s economic impact study, which interested parties can find on MSCI’s website. As a reminder, the study allows users to search for data for each of the 50 U.S. states and by congressional district. Don’t forget to remind your members of Congress how our industry positively impacts their local economy and to check out MSCI’s policy agenda for more information about what Congress can do to help our industry and the U.S. economy.