January 25, 2015

MSCI President Bob Weidner Responds To President Obama’s State Of The Union Address

President Barack Obama gave his sixth State of the Union address last Tuesday. The president called for a $320 billion tax increase (which includes capital gains hike that will affect small and medium manufacturers that pay through the individual tax system), additional action to address climate change and legislation that would provide Americans with two years of free community college. MSCI President and CEO Bob Weidner responded to the president’s remarks in a statement released to the media. Weidner said:

“Compromise is key. The best way to arrive at solutions is through a legislative process that allows Americans’ voices to be heard through their representatives in Congress, not through continued circumvention of those duly elected representatives. … The 2014 election demonstrated that elections have consequences. The country voted to ensure that both chambers of Congress would work together to pass pro-business legislation for the president’s signature. Furthermore, the pugilistic tone emanating from the extremes of either party is counterproductive to passing meaningful legislation that benefits all Americans. We need decisive bipartisan cooperation and discourse; this can’t be achieved when President Obama works around Congress and not in cooperation with it.”

Read the full statement hereCEO Update (subscription required) featured Weidner’s statement in a news story the day after the State of the Union. The release was also featured on Yahoo News, Boston.com, CharlotteObserver.com and other websites.