February 15, 2017

MSCI Safety Survey Shows Overall Positive Trend

MSCI Safety Survey Shows Overall Positive Trend

MSCI Safety Excellence Program to Help Companies Improve Incident Rates

Rolling Meadows, Ill., February 15, 2017 —The 2016 Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) Safety Survey shows that the industry’s safety is on a positive trend. Incidents have decreased drastically over time, from 10 per 200,000 man hours on average across the industry in 2002 to 5 per 200,000 man hours and below in the 2015 data just reported.   

MSCI intends to help its members increase the overall safety of the industrial metals supply chain. While the survey results show a positive trend, no one in the industry will be satisfied until a zero incident safety record is achieved.

“Lean metals companies face unique challenges and often don’t have a safety professional to push for continuous improvement in the area of safety,” said MSCI President and CEO M. Robert Weidner, III. “MSCI has partnered with the National Safety Council (NSC) to provide MSCI members of all sizes access to safety professional training, critical benchmarking and best practices tools.”

MSCI and the NSC unveiled the MSCI Safety Excellence program in October, extending MSCI’s safety resources to include surveys, benchmarks, information and additional training access.  But this week the association launches its Safety Excellence Award, which recognizes MSCI member companies that have shown a recognized commitment to excellence in safety. The program is designed to be especially helpful to lean organizations that might benefit from additional accountability as they strive for a zero incident environment.

“We want metal professionals everywhere to know they aren’t alone,” said Weidner. “When members register to be part of the Safety Excellence Award Program, they’ll be committing to continue to track their safety progress, to share best practices with their peers at the MSCI Safety Conference and to gain critical safety training. In return, we commit to encouraging their team and supporting their organization with unparalleled metals-specific safety resources.” 

To learn more about the program requirements and to gain access to these resources, visit MSCI.org/safetyprogram.

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