January 25, 2015

MSCI Signs Coalition Letter Asking Congress To Take Action To Comply With WTO Rules

As part of the COOL Reform Coalition, MSCI last week sent a letter to members of the 114thCongress asking them to comply with a World Trade Organization ruling against a mandatory country of origin labeling requirements.

The letter said, “While Congress has acknowledged the on-going problem and addressed the need for finding a solution in the FY 2015 funding package passed in December, there is still an immediate need for corrective action by Congress. Otherwise, serious damage to U.S. exports should be expected to begin upon a WTO final determination of U.S. non-compliance. … Given the negative impact on the U.S. manufacturing and agriculture economies, we respectfully submit that it would be intolerable for the United States to maintain, even briefly, requirements that have been deemed non-compliant by the WTO. Accordingly, we request that Congress immediately act to assure U.S. compliance with international trade obligations. Prompt enactment of such a contingency plan is an essential defense of American export markets and jobs.” 

You can read the full letter here.