October 11, 2015

MSCI Signs Letter Urging Action On Important Business Tax Provisions

Last week, MSCI, along with members of the National Association of Manufacturers’ 50 Percent Expensing Coalition, signed a letter to all members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate urging them to act swiftly to enact legislation to renew critical investment incentives, including enhanced Section 179 expensing, 50 percent first year expensing (also known as bonus depreciation) and provisions allowing for the accelerated use of alternative minimum tax (AMT) credits in lieu of bonus depreciation. 

As Connecting the Dots readers know, each of these policies expire at the end of this year and uncertainty about them has discouraged investment in the United States, a problem that, as the letter explains, “impacts both companies that make investments and companies that manufacture capital equipment and reduces job growth that typically accompanies such investments.” 

The letter to lawmakers concludes that renewing these provisions would provide an immediate incentive for businesses to make additional capital investments. The full letter can be found here