February 8, 2016

MSCI’s Bob Weidner: Global Forces Will Continue To Affect Our Industry And Now Is Not The Time To Hunker Down

In his monthly MSCI Edge column, MSCI President and CEO Bob Weidner recalls a famous quote uttered by Sir Francis Bacon: “Knowledge is power.” Weidner said he was reminded of Bacon’s quote while listening to University of California-Irvine Professor of Economics Peter Navarro, who spoke at MSCI’s recent Tubular Conference. 

Navarro predicted, “As China’s economy slows, it will increase its dumping” and argued, “What happens in geopolitics has a far-ranging effect on your business model” and MSCI members “have to keep up on this stuff. The worst thing you can do in business is ‘stick to your knitting,’ hunker down and just concentrate on your immediate business problems.” 

In his column, which MSCI members can read here, Weidner echoes those comments and explains what MSCI is doing to help its members develop this “broader view.”