February 8, 2016

MSCI’s Bob Weidner Tells American Metal Market That Industry’s “Livelihood” Depends On Advocacy, New Technology

American Metals Markets (AMM) reporter Grace Lavigne attended MSCI President and CEO Bob Weidner’s recent remarks to MSCI’s New York chapter. Lavigne interviewed Weidner after the meeting and published a story last week in AMM focusing on Weidner’s comments. 

Weidner discussed how the metals industry will have to “adapt” in order to grow over the coming years. “What has made us successful over the last 10 years is not going to make us successful over the next 10 years,” Weidner said, arguing the industry will face three primary obstacles: a slowing Chinese economy, a strengthening dollar and severe regulatory headwinds from the Environmental Protection Agency, National Labor Relations Board and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

Weidner said, “The reality is this is a very complicated time” and, because of that, urged metals industry leaders and employees to focus on the upcoming 2016 elections since they “will play a major role in the industry’s future success.” Weidner said, “The importance of communicating issues that are most important to your business is more critical now than ever. Industry influence matters. We have a huge potential for grassroots advocacy. … Sit down and talk with your employees about issues impacting their livelihood, your livelihood and your company’s livelihood.” 

Weidner also discussed how technological changes can advance the metals industry. The full AMM article is available to subscribers here