May 9, 2016

Natural Gas Supported 1.9 Million U.S. Jobs In 2015—It’s Time To Lend Your Voice To This Fight

Last week, the National Association of Manufacturers released a study outlining the benefits of natural gas production for the U.S. economy and American workers and consumers. According to the study, which was conducted by IHS Economics, natural gas:

  • Contributed to 1.9 million jobs economy-wide in 2015;
  • Put an extra $1,337 back in the pocket of the average American family;
  • Created more than 347,000 jobs, including 60,000 jobs in manufacturing.

The NAM/IHS study is available here. The study also found total natural gas demand will increase by 40 percent over the next decade. Key drivers of that growth will be manufacturing and power generation. U.S. supply, meanwhile, is expected to increase by 48 percent over the next decade. 

Meeting demand will not happen automatically, however. Local, state, and federal policymakers will need to facilitate the creation of new infrastructure, particularly natural gas pipelines, to ensure the United States has a steady, reliable stream of natural gas to fuel their operations. 

As Connecting the Dots noted last week, interest groups have aligned to fight efforts to expand natural gas production—our industry must fight back. There are millions of jobs at risk in the fight for natural gas. 

What can MSCI members do to make sure these projects get built, and that the metals industry, its employers, and customers benefit? As our partners at the Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA) explained, supply chain businesses and stakeholder organizations (such as a local chapter of a national organization) with operations or members along the route of an energy infrastructure project under challenge, should get involved in local hearings, write letters to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), or participate in other actions that support project approval. EEIA can help MSCI and its members with these efforts—so let MSCI know if you are interested!