April 9, 2018 | by    

New Report Details How Global Trade Creates Jobs In Each State

Trade Partnership Worldwide, an international trade and economic consulting firm, recently released a report outlining the trade employment benefits in each U.S. state. As a percentage of overall employment, South Dakota, at 19.7 percent, has the highest number of jobs dependent on trade. Wyoming, at 16 percent, has the lowest. Overall, trade sustains more than 35.8 million jobs in the United States.

The report also outlines the number of jobs dependent on trade from certain countries. Nationwide, TPW found trade with:

  • China sustains nearly 6.9 million jobs;
  • Canada sustains more than 6.5 million jobs;
  • The European Union sustains more than 5.2 million jobs;
  • Mexico sustains more than 4.5 million jobs;
  • Japan sustains nearly 1.3 jobs; and
  • Korea sustains nearly one million jobs.

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