April 3, 2017

New U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Study Highlights Need For MSCI-Supported Regulatory Accountability Act

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce last week released a new report called, “Taming the Administrative State: Identifying Regulations that Matters.” 

The report identifies the 140 final agency regulations that impose most of the burden on businesses. Each of the 140 rules highlighted by the U.S. Chamber cost more than $100 million to implement. By examining the types of rules that need a more rigorous review of the facts, economics, and science supporting them, Congress and agencies are better able to develop a process that will ensure future regulations achieve congressional intent and avoid agency overreach. 

The U.S. Chamber’s report, which is part of a nine-part series, makes clear the need for Congress to pass the Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA). (The Metals Service Center Institute supports the RAA and has written letters to Congress urging passage of the legislation.) Click here to read more about this report. According to the U.S. Chamber, the federal government has issued more than 190,000 new rules since 1976. 

The Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) is a strong supporter of regulatory reform—visit our advocacy platform to learn more the organization’s efforts.