December 14, 2020| by Chris Marti

A Year of Free, Virtual Content

As COVID-19 shifted our lives online, MSCI worked quickly to provide the industrial metals community with fresh, meaningful, and relevant virtual content that would help our member companies manage the new-abnormal time of rapid change […] Read More

January 10, 2018| by Ashley DeVecht

Calling All Skeptics

Straight talk with Texas A&M industrial distribution professor on data and technology trends—when to be dubious and when to take heed.

“When you automate something, you by definition make it a commodity,” said Dr. Barry Lawrence, a faculty member of the Industrial Distribution Program at Texas A&M University. A healthy dose of skepticism and caution is […] Read More

December 13, 2017

Something Has to Happen

Economist Alan Beaulieu on expectations for NAFTA in 2018

The widely respected economist Dr. Alan Beaulieu, president of the Institute for Trend Research, Manchester, N.H, sees cause for caution in 2018. “With NAFTA, well something has to happen. We should maybe rename it HAFTA. But […] Read More