March 20, 2008


Cost-conscious metals companies are getting into the employee health business via an array of wellness programs. It's not clear, however, whether the cure is better than the illness.

You might think that one solution to rising healthcare costs is to keep employees healthy. People who drop weight, stay fit, eat right, don’t smoke or otherwise contribute to their own demise must visit doctors […] Read More

January 1, 2008


The United States has lost critical domestic capabilities to equip itself for future wars—much to the Pentagon's disinterest.

One of the most critical national defense issues facing the United States has nothing to do with Islamic extremism, Iran or our depleted and battered volunteer Army.The issue is this: Because the Pentagon doesn’t track […] Read More

January 1, 2008


Using MSCI's compensation survey as a jumping-off point, Forward's panel of experts explores sales force salary issues in the metals industry.

A sales force at the top of its game is the backbone of a successful metals company. And a well-compensated sales force understandably is more motivated to play harder and win.Just where does the metals […] Read More

January 1, 2008


CHINA HOLIDAY ROUNDUP: Metals industry news from China didn’t slow at all during the last two holiday weeks. Here’s a quick roundup of the most significant events: China raised export duties on steel billets, long and […] Read More

November 1, 2007


For many, the subprime mortgage collapse was more bark than bite.

Tremors from the recent credit crisis continue to be felt throughout the metals industry. But the major shockwaves that many expected never came.Mary Valenta, executive vice president and chief financial officer for O’Neal Steel in […] Read More