January 1, 2007


A UN model for international trade that aims to help developing nations would do more harm than good.

Executives of United States Steel Corp. have established a high standard of content and thoughtfulness for their presentations to conferences. The September 2006 presentation of John H. Goodish, executive vice president and chief operating officer […] Read More

November 1, 2006

Cutting Your Losses

Why is it so hard to act early when things go wrong?

New ventures almost never work exactly according to plan. From Coca-Cola's '80s launch of a new formula for its flagship brand that fell as flat as day-old soda to the botched introduction of the Chevy […] Read More

September 7, 2006

Steel in Your Futures

It's time to lay our cards on the table about steel futures. They could benefit everyone in the steel value chain, from producers to end users. Steel futures contracts can reduce risk, enhance profitability and stabilize the markets.

Industry naysayers—and there are many of them, including more than a few CEOs—are worried.They worry about the pernicious effect of speculators, not recognizing that speculators are the risk-assuming grease that keeps the squeaky wheel of […] Read More

September 7, 2006

There's Help at the Border

Duties on imports and rebates on exports could go far to help domestic manufacturers.

When Revere Copper Products Inc. considered an acquisition in Great Britain three years ago, President Brian O’Shaughnessy was surprised that the target company bore such a small tax burden.The reason, O’Shaughnessy realized, was that the […] Read More

September 7, 2006

Supply Chain

Distortions are amplified up and down the supply chain. While you can't stop it, you can try to contain it.

Many business school students first learn the vagaries of the supply chain through a computer exercise developed at MIT known as “the beer game.”Students, acting as retailers, distributors, wholesalers and brewers, place and receive fictional […] Read More