November 1, 2005

Four More Years

The home appliance industry is coming off some of the best years in its history. But can it continue the campaign?

When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August, appliance industry analysts were predicting slower but still strong growth for the industry. At press time, the storm’s devastating impact on the economy was only beginning […] Read More

September 1, 2005

The Fight to Save American Manufacturing

North American manufacturing faces severe challenges from Asia. Some in the Senate think we must do better.

South Carolina’s Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s conservative credentials are impeccable, and he has a solid reputation for adhering to his party’s agenda. But that commitment hasn’t stopped him from forging his own path when it […] Read More

September 1, 2005

Building the Motorcycle Smarter

Harley-Davidson's 10-year experience with the learning organization concept developed by Peter Senge has turned the world-renowned company into a creative force and kept it from becoming complacent.

Peter M. Senge, MIT senior lecturer and one of The Journal of Business Strategy’s 24 most influential business strategists of the century, was meditating one morning in 1987. Multi-functional work teams were big at the time. Total […] Read More

September 1, 2005

Speed Demons

Automotive industry growth may be stuck in first gear, but metals suppliers still could see revved-up demand.

All metals companies carefully follow the automotive industry’s fortunes. And no wonder, what with North American annual revenues of $336 billion. In 2004, the U.S. automotive industry alone used 13.9 million tons of steel, accounting […] Read More