Guest Column

Guest Column

July 1, 2005

Active Budgeting

In most businesses, a budget is a static document in an active world. The budgeting process is actually backwards, disconnected from the reality of whether those budget targets can be met. In Execution, the first book […] Read More

March 1, 2005

If You Don't Speak Up, You Don't Exist

As the president of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, Dirk Van Dongen is the legislative middleman for America's middlemen and has been cutting deals, forming alliances with key lobbying groups and exerting influence in Congressional hallways for the past two decades. As a leader in the Republican party, he has prodded administration after administration to secure legislation in favor of business owners while mobilizing the business community behind the Bush candidacy.

In early February, President Bush unveiled an ambitious second-term agenda in his State of the Union Address. The preceding week, the Houses of Congress laid out their own priorities for the next two years. What […] Read More