Guest Column

Guest Column

May 1, 2014

Marketing in the Digital Age

A look at four essential technology strategies

 The responsibilities of an organization’s leadership team are not getting any easier. As technology continues to change the business landscape for the C-suite, you must now lead your company in using that technology to enhance […] Read More

March 1, 2014

The Right Way to Build a Board

With excellence more important than ever, what to look for in  your present and future directors

Executives who presume that boards are not that important—or who believe that adequate board members can be identified primarily on the basis of their friendship with the CEO or major shareholder—need an urgent reality check. […] Read More

November 1, 2013

Decoding Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Why it’s so important to understand contracts

 I often hear businesspeople refer to standard contract terms as “legal mumbo jumbo.” They grumble that certain terms are “just legalese” and are either unimportant or too difficult to decipher. Not so.It is becoming increasingly common […] Read More

September 1, 2013


When dealing with China, Economics 101 is not enough.

We have heard a great deal this year about manufacturing coming back to the United States. We hear about the diminishing wage gap in some Asian countries and the possibility of lower U.S. energy prices. […] Read More