Need to Know

Need to Know

May 6, 2015| by Steve Lawrence

Buckle Up, It’s Going to be a Tough Century

Why business leaders must keep a sharp eye on global volatility

A sobering view from former Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency director, Michael Hayden. His tough-minded look at international politics described major pressure points that will keep the world’s “basic tectonics,” as he put […] Read More

April 22, 2015| by Steve Lawrence

Energy Innovation

How efficiencies and renewables are changing the markets and your business

Electric power generation is in the midst of a dramatic upheaval that is scrapping existing business models and bringing cheap solar and wind power online in ways that can lower costs and boost efficiencies for […] Read More

April 15, 2015| by Steve Lawrence

“Leaders Are Never Off Duty”

Four Star Admiral and Navy SEAL Eric Olson on leadership

Retired four star Admiral and Navy SEAL Eric Olson talked about leadership challenges that are similar in the military and in business in a continually disrupted world.  “We live in a world that is constantly […] Read More

March 25, 2015| by Steve Lawrence

The Transformation of Steel

From supplier to supplier of solutions

You may think you know where the steel industry is headed over the next decade or two. But unless you have heard ArcelorMittal’s Dr. Gregory Ludkovsky, you absolutely do not. “If we do not shift […] Read More