Need to Know

Need to Know

August 2, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

Miracle on the Hudson

How A Culture of Safety Saved 155 Lives

As U.S. Airways Flight 1549 plunged toward the Hudson River on that bright 20-degree afternoon in 2009, co-pilot Jeff Skiles sitting next to Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger was certainly scared. But he also knew exactly what […] Read More

August 2, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

Permanent or Temporary?

MSCI investigates the historic downturn in service center steel and aluminum shipments

The answer, hardly comforting though still preliminary, seems to be that changes up and down the industrial metals supply chain are rooted in both cyclical and structural causes. The unprecedented, sluggish economic recovery since the […] Read More

July 12, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

Safety Is in Changing Attitudes

Going home safe each night is not about “how to”.

Fred Rine, the keynote speaker at this year’s MSCI Safety Conference at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, says he is not going to tell you “how” to be safe at work. “Workplaces are in better physical […] Read More