September 1, 2013

Game of Drones

The new aerospace kid on the block

Kevin Good wants to be the camera operator on the next James Bond movie. He envisions the opening scene: a bird’s-eye view of the Mediterranean, with the camera sailing peacefully over the sun-dappled ocean accompanied […] Read More

July 1, 2013

Lightening Up

Weight loss is a major trend for the metals and materials industries. And not just for aircraft and automobiles.

“Light weighting” is a process of reducing the weight and mass of products to achieve increased fuel efficiency, easier portability or reduced shipping cost, while maintaining or upgrading performance. The most publicized initiatives have been in the automotive industry, […] Read More

May 1, 2013

Making Steel Last Faster

MesoCoat’s super-fast and cost-effective cladding process earns national praise.  

A new, faster method of bonding wear- and corrosion-resistant materials onto steel got a major nod by The Wall Street Journal last year.Making Steel Last FasterMesoCoat, Inc., a start-up company based in Euclid, Ohio, won a 2012 innovation award […] Read More

November 1, 2012

Sci-Fi Comes to the Metals Industry

Electromagnetic weaponry sparks interest of defense forces worldwide.

 A crane is used to maneuver an Electromagnetic Railgun (EMRG) prototype. The EMRG is a long-range weapon that launches projectiles using electricity instead of chemical propellants and is under development by the Navy for use […] Read More