May 1, 2012

Internet Infrastructure

Why the United States struggles with inferior Internet speeds.

Internet speeds in the United States are nothing to brag about. South Korea, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine all have significantly faster and cheaper Internet speeds than the United States.Latvia? Bulgaria? Isn't that just […] Read More

November 1, 2011

Carbon Counting

Why the evolving science of measuring life cycle emissions is both helpful and flawed.

Maybe you thought that buying a lightweight, eco-friendly hybrid would be your way of fighting global warming. Fewer emissions, great gas mileage, a relatively small carbon footprint.Then some environmental experts come around saying that manufacturing […] Read More

September 1, 2011

So Beautiful, the Lotus

Nanotechnologies now under development, some nearing market stage, bring with them the promise of smart coatings that may significantly broaden product offerings for the metals supply chain.

The industrial metals supply chain may soon have available to it an array of new products that clean, disinfect and repair themselves, and even improve air quality, through the use of high-tech coatings that make […] Read More

July 1, 2011

Good Results, Expect Better

The North American steel industry has done a world-class job of reducing harmful emissions. Emerging technologies will help steelmakers do even better—a lot better.

The North American steel industry has seen the brighter, lower-carbon future, and it appears to be attainable. Eventually.The next generation of steel manufacturing may be significantly more energy-efficient, with even lower emissions than what has […] Read More

May 1, 2011

Iron Determination

DRI technology takes off with the availability of affordable natural gas.

In 2004, Nucor Corporation purchased the American Iron Reduction (AIR) plant, a 1.4 million tons-per-year direct-reduced iron (DRI) facility in southern Louisiana, dismantled it and, in 2005, transported it, piece by piece, to Point Lisas, […] Read More