Under the Radar

Under the Radar

September 1, 2011

Reel Them In

How states have worked to woo manufacturers and why short-term thinking doesn't win the day.

THERE ARE SIGNS of an important shift in the focus of manufacturing companies looking to expand to a new location. During recessions, decisions on where to build new plants are heavily weighted toward a calculation of […] Read More

July 1, 2011

Manufacturing Insecurity

Just how at-risk is our military supply chain because of reliance on non-U.S. providers?

ONE OF THE TOPICS the Pentagon doesn't like to talk about is offshore procurement of the weapons and components used by all branches of the military. The Department of Defense (DOD) advocates diversification of its procurement […] Read More

May 1, 2011

What You Don't Know Might Eat You

Jeffrey Garten, formerly of Yale, the Commerce Department and the U.S. Special Forces, has the habit of saying the most frightening things. Then they come true.

The last time Jeffery Gartenz spoke at a metals industry conference, in November 2007, he said that emerging, unsustainable economic imbalances would lead, soon, to a serious downturn. Welcome to the Great Recession.Now, Garten has […] Read More

March 1, 2011

Out of the Woodwork

China is squeezing the market for rare earths. Guess what happens next.

In the largely male domain of global commodity markets, traders are fond of an ancient adage that applies today as China tries to squeeze the world market for important “rare earth” metals. “No man is […] Read More

January 1, 2011

A Fed That Has No Clue

It's possible to anticipate the business cycle, but not the way the Federal Reserve does it.

Where are we in the economic cycle? To find out, Forward Editor Steven B. Weiner and Managing Editor Elizabeth Ecker talked with Lakshman Achuthan, cofounder and COO of ECRI, the Economic Cycle Research Institute. ECRI's record of […] Read More