White Paper Article

White Paper Article

November 4, 2015| by Assurance

The Affordable Care Act Playbook

A guide to the Employer Mandate

On February 10, 2014, the administration announced the final regulations for the Employer Mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as ObamaCare. While some transitional relief was provided, employers with 50-99 full-time equivalent […] Read More

September 9, 2015| by Editorial Ludovic Subran, Euler Hermes publication director and chief economist

Global Trade: What’s Cooking? Introducing twelve countries’ recipes for boosting exports

Introducing twelve countries’ recipes for boosting exports

Like a cyclist against the wind, global trade has been fighting an uphill battle. Yes, the outlook does look better overall and trade-gnation sounds like old news, but competition is fierce. Trade is like a […] Read More

August 12, 2015| by Giles Keating, Head of Research and Deputy Global CIO, Credit Suisse

Megatrends Affecting the United States: Trends on the horizon you should be thinking about

White Paper: Trends on the horizon you should be thinking about

A decade and a half ago, IT stocks experienced an unprecedented boom which ended in a traumatic crash; now, they are booming again. Ten years ago, emerging market equity valuations rose to equal those of […] Read More

July 15, 2015| by Nancy Green, CPCU, ARM, Executive Vice President, Strategic Account Management, Aon Risk Solutions

Managing Black Swan Events?

It is possible to prepare for a crisis situation

  A Black Swan event refers to a highly improbable occurrence with three characteristics: It is impossible to predict, it carries a massive impact and its shock value is stunning because people could never conceive […] Read More