February 8, 2019

MSCI Elements In Action

100 Years Strong

The Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) is a 110-year old trade association supporting the North American distributors and producers of steel, aluminum and stainless steel. “Elements in Action” is a video that was commissioned by […] Read More

August 19, 2015| by Ashley DeVecht

Why Care About Safety?

VIDEO: Industry leaders talk about the benefits of establishing a culture of safety

Safety matters to each of us in our daily activities. We put our seat belt on when we start our cars. We make sure our children wear their helmets when they ride their bikes. This […] Read More

June 3, 2015| by Dianna Smoljan

Complaining Isn’t a Strategy

Why decisions based on data are a better alternative in the face of change and difficulty

Jeff Bezos, founder, chairman & CEO of Amazon.com, once said, “Always lean into the future; when the world changes around you and when it changes against you…you have to lean into that and figure out […] Read More