December 6, 2017

WEBINAR: OSHA Compliance for the Metals Industry

Which citations are most prevalent and why you should be especially cautious

  Learn about the metals industry’s most frequently cited OSHA standards. Discussion includes forklifts, lock out/tag out, crane operations, electrical issues, machine guarding, and confined spaces.

September 20, 2017| by Drew Page, CHST, Director of Operations, Optimum Safety

OSHA Recordkeeping:

How much do you know – and are you up to date?

Staying abreast of OSHA recordkeeping requirements can be daunting—but imperative, not only to meet standards but to track what’s happening in the organization and work toward continuous improvement.  To help MSCI members, safety expert Drew […] Read More

August 30, 2017| by Steve Yates, founder and president of Optimum Safety Management

The Team Approach to Safety:

What it is and why it’s important

Improving safety and lowering incident rates is an important goal for every company to have.  Safety industry expert Steve Yates, president of Optimum Safety Management and a safety partner with MSCI, explains what the team […] Read More

July 26, 2017| by Steve Yates, CHST, founder and president of Optimum Safety Management

WEBINAR: Safety Leadership

Providing a vision for safety and building leaders

Industry safety expert and MSCI Affiliate member Steve Yates shares how leaders cast a vision for safety in their organization and invest in the leadership potential of those around them. Yates shares how to do […] Read More