August 30, 2015

NLRB Data Shows Ambush Election Rule Significantly Reduced Time Companies Have To Prepare For Union Elections

According to official data issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) last week, the NLRB’s “ambush election” rule reduced the time period between a labor union’s request for an election and the date of the election by 40 percent, or two full weeks. 

As The Wall Street Journal noted in its story reporting the findings, before the NLRB’s new policy took effect in April, opponents to the rule estimated the ambush elections rule would cut election times to about three-and-a-half weeks. That prediction was spot on. Four months after the NLRB ruling took effect, the average period between certification and an election is now just three weeks (down from five). 

The NLRB’s finding is based on data from 344 union elections carried out between mid-April 2015 and mid-July 2015 – the first three months after the ruling took effect. MSCI continues to support legal efforts to overturn the NRLB ambush elections rule.