November 23, 2015

Obama Administration Releases Updated Regulatory Agenda

The Obama administration last week released its fall unified regulatory agenda, which outlines progress on all federal regulations currently being considered by executive branch agencies. According to the agenda, the Obama administration plans to release:

  • Its final model of carbon trading plans to with the Clean Power Plan in August 2016;
  • Its final interstate ozone transport regulations in August 2016;
  • Its final overtime regulation in July 2016;
  • Its final persuader rule, which requires employers to file reports with the U.S. Department of Labor when they hire consultants or contractors to discuss labor unions with employees, in March 2016; and
  • Its final injury and illness electronic recordkeeping rule in March 2016.

MSCI will continue to monitor development of these rules and will update its members when they are released and will outline the economic and practical impact these rules will have on its members.