July 1, 2005

Overhead Cranes

When choosing an overhead crane manufacturer, metals service centers look for the highest standards of manufacturing, coupled with durability, dependability and ease of use. With those factors in mind, Forward presents a sampling of popular manufacturers.

Note: The appearance of a product or service in Product Round-Up does not constitute an endorsement by the Metals Service Center Institute. Individual company experience may vary significantly.

Morris Material Handling

Web site: www.morriscranes.com
Company focus: Overhead cranes and hoists, modernizations, runways, crane rail, electrification, service, preventative maintenance, OSHA inspections, operator and maintenance training, turnkey installations.
Products: Overhead Cranes–Standard and Custom for all steel service center applications including magnet handling, vacuum sheet lifters, rotate trolley cranes, coil handling, including fully automated cranes and completely custom cranes. Also manufacture transfer cars for sheet, coils, bundles or custom applications.
Crane Class: CMAA Class A through Class F and AISE Spec cranes
Load capacity: 3-ton to 85-ton service for steel service center applications along with custom capacities up to 500 tons.
Horizontal span: Custom to 200 feet

“We purchased P&H cranes because they are the OEM of the components that went into our cranes and because of the overall value of their local service ability, formal Institute training of our employees, turnkey installation, and high quality cranes and hoists. Chicago Tube & Iron bought 16 cranes from P&H Morris Material Handling, most with double trolleys for our new steel service center. The package included rail and electrification bar along with 13 jib cranes.”
—Amjd Shtawi, Chicago Tube and Iron

Deshazo Crane Company

Web site: www.deshazo.com
Company focus: Turnkey source for overhead crane manufacturing, installation, service and modernization.
Products: Vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes, heavy-duty built-up type hoist/trolley units and runway systems.
Crane Class: CMAA Class A through Class F
Load capacity: Up to 200 tons
Horizontal span: Up to 150 feet

“We are very impressed with the engineering, quality, cooperation and installation. We have never had a breakdown. And as a result, we have a purchase order in for them to move another crane.”
—Stan Runevitch, Atlas Steel

Ace Industries Inc.

Web site: www.aceindustries.com
Company focus: Full service overhead hoist and crane company.
Products: Overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes and runway systems. Ace also specializes in the distribution of electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, hand chain hoists, trolleys, crane components and accessories.
Crane Class: CMAA Class A through Class D
Load capacity: Up to 100 tons
Horizontal span: Up to 100 feet









Proserveanchor Crane Group

Web site: www.proservcrane.com
Company focus: Specializes in custom applications and can determine the exact configuration on crane, foundation and runway system needed for a specific industry.
Products: Top-running and underhung single and double girder cranes, gantry cranes, monorail systems, runway systems, hoists and specialty equipment.
Crane Class: CMAA Class A through Class F
Load capacity: Up to 250 tons
Horizontal span: Up to 180 feet

Capco Crane & Hoist Inc.

Web site: www.capcocrane.com
Company focus: Capco designs, fabricates and installs overhead bridge crane systems.
Products: Top- and under-running bridge cranes, box girder cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, custom cranes, runway systems and special custom lifting equipment.
Crane Class: CMAA Class A through Class F and hot Metal applications, as well as trash handling bucket cranes and stacker cranes
Load capacity: Up to 500 tons
Horizontal span: Up to 200 feet

“The consistent coordination effort and open lines of communication between Capco Crane, in-house engineering and trades was always conducted in a professional manner. Capco Crane never lost sight or focus on customer satisfaction throughout this project. Capco Crane & Hoist delivered a high quality product backed up with constant personal attention, which made my customers very satisfied with the final product.”
—Paul Cordone, Pratt & Whitney

Whiting Cranes

Web site: www.whitingcorp.com
Company focus: Industrial and nuclear applications.
Products: Gantry and overhead traveling cranes; custom designed and pre-engineered cranes.
Crane Class: CMAA Class A through Class F
Load capacity: Up to 600 tons for a single hook
Horizontal span: 20 feet to 200 feet or more

“Whiting was incredibly responsive in the manufacture and delivery of the multiple cranes we needed in a short time frame. They make a top-notch quality product and provide excellent sales and service in a very professional manner. We have dozens of their cranes because we are very comfortable with Whiting and their products.”
—David Bernstein, State Steel Supply Company

OMI Crane Systems Inc.

Web site: www.omicranes.com
Company focus: OMi Cranes designs, manufactures, installs, services and modernizes all of its products.
Products: Top and under-running, single and double girder cranes.
Crane Class: CMAA Class A through Class E
Load capacity: Up to 100 tons
Horizontal span: Up to 125 feet