September 3, 2018

President Trump Re-nominates Democratic NLRB Member

On Tuesday, Aug. 28, the White House announced that President Donald Trump had re-nominated Mark Gaston Pearce for another five year term to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Pearce has been a member of the board for eight years and served as chairman during the Obama administration.

Bloomberg reported the White House agreed to nominate Pearce in exchange for Senate Democrats waiving the waiting periods for confirmation of pending nominees.

Throughout Pearce’s tenure on the NLRB, including over five years as chairman, he has been a driving force behind controversial decisions heavily favoring labor unions. While Pearce has been re-nominated, he must still go through the Senate confirmation process before retaking his seat on the board.

Timing on his confirmation remains unclear, but the Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) and the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, which MSCI is a member of, will continue to monitor this nomination as the process unfolds. Click here to read more about Pearce’s tenure on the NLRB.