Aluminum Products


After completing this lesson, you should recognize basic properties of this type of metal and common types of processing. You should be familiar with much of the special terminology used with these products and you should be able to answer basic customer questions concerning these products.

Estimated completion time: 1 hour 45 minutes



MetalLearn provides basic, but important, information about each of the ten most sold metals (by volume) by metals service centers. Grade, characteristics and uses are all included in the modules. Students may take all of the modules or any combination of them that fits their particular needs.

The interactive MetalLearn training system is built around on-line components. It provides a complete review of the ten most popular lines of metal sold by metals service centers, including carbon and alloy plate, bar, sheet and tubing, structural shapes, stainless steel, aluminum, high-corrosion and temperature-resistant metals, copper and brass, and tool steels. The instructional goal is to provide recognition of the products, their specifications, uses and the terminology associated with each product.