March 1, 2005

Rack Systems

Metals service centers use racking systems to store and organize inventory, essentially making material handling more manageable. To help readers find the most appropriate system for their operations, Forward presents a sampling of racking systems.

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Description: The Lista Storage Wall System is a modular drawer, shelf and roll-out tray storage system available in standard and shallow-depth models.
Capacity: Both the drawers and roll-out trays can hold up to 440 lbs. each. Heavy-duty roll-out trays can hold up to 770 lbs. each. Wide span beams, designed for large bulk items, hold up to 1,500 lbs. and are available with a variety of deckings, including steel, wire and plywood.
Flexibility: With 100% full extension and a variety of different drawer heights, the system provides storage for a range of items.
Options: The Storage Wall System is available in a variety of heights to take advantage of all vertical space.

Lista International Corp., Holliston, Massachusetts

“Previously we were using metal and wood shelving that was probably 30 years old, and parts were stored, or more precisely, haphazardly scattered in various locations on shelves, on tabletops and even on the floor. The Lista high-density storage system has allowed us to organize our parts, equipment and workspace so that everything is readily accessible, inventory is better managed and we have a much more efficient use of space.” 
—Tim Sabin, operations/equipment director, Genesee County Road Commission, Flint, Michigan

Can-Store Rack Systems

Description: High-density storage of flat sheet and long-bar material.
Capacity: Drawers handle up to 10,000 lbs. of material and can be configured to almost any size sheet.
Flexibility: Multiple loading and unloading configurations designed for customers' flow through.
Options: Automated pin table to off-load long bar materials. Overhead trolley system to deliver sheet to processing.

Admiral Drive Systems Inc., London, Ontario, Canada

“We used to use a combination of different types of steel racks and as a result, ended up storing large amounts of material on the floor because we couldn't fit it on those racks. We also had a very difficult time getting material on and off those racks. Now, using this system which we installed about two years ago, we can store a much larger amount of material without consuming more floor space. This is a much safer way to handle the material. Can-Store is a very good system for keeping your materials organized.”
—Doug Cadman, president, Trackless Vehicles Ltd., Courtland, Ontario, Canada

SteelTree Cantilever Rack

Description: Heavy-duty rack for high-density storage of bar, tube, stocks and sheet metal.
Capacity: From 17,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. per rack.
Flexibility: Shelf sizes range from 12 to 72 inches in depth.
Options: Designed to be fully adjustable on a 3 inch center. Brace setting can be ordered in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet.

Jarke, a division of Leggett & Platt Material Handling, Prospect Heights, Illinois

“We've used cantilever racking for many years in our operations, and we decided to install the Jarke system because we needed floor space to install equipment. We had to find a way to get the same amount of inventory in a smaller square footage. The SteelTree system allowed us to utilize our limited warehouse more effectively and increase the load density while organizing our stock to make it more accessible.”
—Nick Cray, vice president of operations, Rath Manufacturing, Janesville, Wisconsin

Canrack Cantilever Rack

Description: Custom rack built to order for sheet or bar products and adjustable by changing arm location. Racks are built around fork trucks, sideloaders or stacker crane requirements, permitting quick placement, storage and removal of loads of varying length.
Capacity: Designed around a customer's inventory needs, normal systems built to handle 10,000 lbs.
Options: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Metal Center Systems, Mississauga, Ontario

“Until we installed a racking system, we floor-piled everything. The combination of additional time to fill orders and damage to the stock led us to explore our options. When Canrack staff first specced the system, they determined what we needed based on our product mix, and then they over-engineered the project to ensure we would have no issues with breakdown or other problems down the road. Since 2001, we've installed two different systems in Brampton and another two in Montreal—they've worked very hard for us.”
—Terry Gibb, quality and special projects manager, Ryerson Tull, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Honeycomb Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Description: Fully automatic bar storage system utilizing cassettes. Operator uses a computer to generate a storage location based on codes, required pieces and weights and an automated crane to retrieve the material.
Capacity: Cassette locations store an unlimited number of material dimensions. Storage of up to 16,000 lbs. per location.
Flexibility: Systems can go up to 85 feet tall. Typical system can make 40 to 50 picks per hour.
Options: Layout, size of cassettes and design are customizable for the material flow of a service center.

Kasto-Racine Inc., Export, Pennsylvania

“The first system we put in is about three years old, and we now have five systems. Each system primarily handles a specific product—tubular, white metal bar and tubing, cold-finished bar, and hot-rolled and SBQ alloy bar—they're not integrated and we don't want them to be. The single biggest benefit we receive from this system is consistent order filling capabilities in a low-cost environment. It automatically pulls, bundles, bar-code labels, material with no manpower. Whatever we have needed to improve on—mostly software upgrades—we've accomplished with full cooperation from Kasto.”
—Paul Ioriatti, vice president and district manager, Earle M. Jorgensen Co., Schaumburg, Illinois

SpaceSaver Roll-out System

Description: A rack system that compliments overhead crane handling.
Capacity: Six to 20 drawer models available, can accommodate 8,000 to 20,000 lbs. per drawer.
Flexibility: Sizes are suited for any weight and length material and to fit any facility, from 6 feet to 20 feet high.
Options: One-sided and custom racks available.

Steel Storage Systems Inc., Commerce City, Colorado

“We use the Spacesaver Roll-out for our stainless and aluminum bay, which is a little less active bay that we load with an overhead crane. We've had our system at least 10 years, and while we've had to replace a few parts, if you call the company, they're sent UPS the next day. One of the benefits to the system is that it makes cycle counting easier because everything is on its own shelf and optional dividers allow you to divide a single rack into three. It also makes finding heat numbers easy because you can roll the bar out—it's right in front of you.”
—George Summerell, division manager, Chatham Steel Corp., Savannah, Georgia