September 19, 2016

Read MSCI President And CEO Bob Weidner’s RealClearPolicy Op-Ed

Last Wednesday, RealClearPolicy published an opinion column by MSCI President and CEO Bob Weidner giving federal policymakers advice on how they can revitalize the American metals industry. 

Weidner wrote, “The White House says the U.S. economy is recovering, but the national annual growth rate is still well below 2 percent. Although the official jobless rate indicates the country is approaching full employment, tens of millions of Americans have dropped out of the workforce, including 7 million American men in the prime of their lives. While after every previous recession, the industrial metals industry has rebounded past its former strength, 7 years after the Great Recession, our industry is still languishing, shipping 40 percent less carbon steel than before the downturn and 20 to 25 percent less stainless steel and aluminum, according to research by the Metals Service Center Institute. The rest of the economy may have “recovered,” but the U.S. metals industry has not — a state of affairs that has met with silence and indifference from our political leaders.” 

Click here to read the full op-ed.