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For questions, contact Chris Marti at 847/485-3009 or via email. 

With help from member customers of the ECB, we've designed a new product that is optimized for your use. Using member feedback, we created a product that provides company performance information faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost. It's easy to use and quickly gives you important facts about your company's performance.

Inputting your data is fast, efficient and all online! You can use your log-in credentials from the previous year.

Enter your data now!

The ECB takes advantage of web-based technology to make the user’s experience faster, more satisfying, more efficient, and with an appealing interface. The product is cutting edge. If you need a quick performance snapshot, it’s only one click away. If you need to do deep analysis, that’s only a few more clicks. You can customize your experience of the ECB and even save your important queries for future use. The ECB makes getting to both high level and detailed performance and industry benchmarking information a snap. All of it is just a few clicks away. It’s easy to use, it’s flexible, and it’s fast. You can customize it to suit your needs. And best of all, it’s free.

As always, your company’s data remains private and cannot be accessed by anyone but you. Your account on the ECB system is password protected and secure.

Whether you've been using the various MSCI management tools or questioned if they were for you, you'll see new approaches to improving your company's performance.

What if I have questions?  For questions, contact Greg Manns at Industry Insights by e-mail or at 614/389-2100 ext. 108 or Chris Marti at 847/485-3009.