As an affiliate member, your company has several options when considering how to access the data in the Metals Activity Report. Those options are described on this page.

The MSCI Metals Activity Report (MAR) is an indispensable monthly analysis of metals shipments and inventories for intelligent strategic and tactical planning. The report’s accuracy and timeliness are respected and widely used throughout the industry as well as by analysts at major banks and the Federal Reserve.

If your company wishes to republish Metals Activity Report information in whole or in part there is an additional republication subscription fee of $10,000 per year. Please contact Chris Marti or 847-485-3009 for details.

Standard Metals Activity Reports

Provides actual US and Canadian shipments and inventory levels, plus seasonally adjusted data, by month as well as year-to-date, on 11 categories of steel & aluminum.


Graphical Analysis Charts

A valuable collection of charts to visualize market trends quickly and effectively. See short and long term market momentum to help spot inflection points, visualize inventory trends in tons and in months on hand, see long term shipment trends by individual product category.


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All-Metals Detail Report

An incredibly detailed look at North American metals industry shipments and inventories. It provides the most current metrics, both actual and seasonally adjusted, for 26 sub-categories of steel and aluminum.


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