Context is the key to strong decision making.

That’s why MSCI aggregates key performance data from North American service centers and allows you to compare your results with the results of companies like yours.

MSCI’s Executive Chart Book (ECB) is an online dashboard where you can compare your business metrics, like financial, operational and managerial outcomes, with your peers. MSCI’s data shows you…

  • Where you stand compared to your peers
  • Where you can improve
  • Where you can set new goals in order to succeed

Need a quick performance snapshot? It’s only one click away. And a deep analysis is only a few more clicks. You can customize your experience of the ECB and even save your important queries for future use. The ECB makes getting to both high level and detailed performance and industry benchmarking information a snap. Customize it to suit your needs. And best of all, it’s free as long as you provide your data.

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MSCI’s annual surveys are promoted to member companies by sending an e-mail invitation to both the CEO and the top functional staff member whose area of expertise aligns with the survey being promoted. For example, in addition to the company CEO the top Human Resources person at a company will receive survey requests for our Compensation Surveys, the top safety person will receive Safety Survey participation requests, the top Information Technology person will receive IT Survey requests, and so on.

If, in addition to the people mentioned above, you are interested in receiving any of our annual survey requests let us know which surveys you are interested in by completing the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult will it be to use?

The Executive Chart Book is optimized for ease of use by service center executives. Using member feedback, we’ve created an online interface that provides company performance information fast, efficiently and at a low cost.

Inputting your data is fast, efficient and all online! You can use your log-in credentials from the previous year.

Is my data safe?

Like all of MSCI’s industry products, your company’s data is sent to a professional, trusted third-party firm and remains private and inaccessible by anyone but you. Your account on the Executive Chart Book system is password protected and secure.


Questions? Contact Greg Manns at Industry Insights by e-mail or at 614-389-2100 ext. 108, or Chris Marti at 847-485-3009.

Which members have free access to this tool?

All service center members that enter their data have free access to this tool!

Who can enter data into the Executive Chart Book?

Only service centers that are MSCI members are eligible to access this tool.

Is this tool available for purchase?

This tool is not available for purchase. Service center professionals who would find this tool valuable are strongly encouraged to become a member.

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