What's required to be on the leading edge of metals technology?

And how are competitors investing IT dollars that could result in your organization being out of date or irrelevant?

The Information Technology Survey Report has been designed to provide easy-to-understand benchmarks for information technology related issues for MSCI members, both service centers and mills. It helps firms evaluate their own information technology policies and procedures relative to that of similar sized firms in order to identify strengths and weaknesses or improvement opportunities. The report includes information on:

  • IT spending
  • E-commerce
  • Shop floor and shipping IT
  • Sales and administrative IT
  • Cybersecurity

Spotting significant differences between your own performance and the composites can be the first step toward identifying gaps and improving performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of this report?

Participating members — those that provide data for the survey — receive the data for free. Non-participating members can purchase the survey results for $500. This data is not available to non-members.

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How do I know my data is safe?

The survey report is prepared by Industry Insights, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, while working closely with MSCI representatives in the design of the survey questionnaire. Confidential survey forms are distributed to MSCI members and sent directly to Industry Insights, who then compiles the industry level benchmarks.

Can I see a sample of the report?

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