Why is MAR an Invaluable Resource?

The MSCI Metals Activity Report (MAR) is an indispensable monthly analysis of metals shipments and inventories for intelligent strategic and tactical planning. The report’s accuracy and timeliness are respected and widely used throughout the industry as well as by analysts at major banks and the Federal Reserve.

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MAR Product Definitions


Service Centers: How to Join the MAR Survey

MSCI member companies submitting data to the Metals Activity Report data program are part of an industry-wide effort to publish timely, accurate and economically significant information to the metals industry and other interested parties, including the Federal Reserve Board. Becoming a survey participant is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Participating in the monthly Metals Activity Report survey brings additional information to your company along with significant responsibilities. MSCI wishes to publish industry data that is best in class so participation requires a significant commitment from your company in terms of data accuracy, consistency and timeliness.

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User Guide to MAR Graphs


Guide to Seasonal Adjustment

The MAR reports include shipment data that has been seasonally adjusted like most government and industry data. Seasonal adjustment is the process of estimating and removing seasonal effects from a time series in order to better reveal non-seasonal features. Examples of seasonal effects include a July drop in automobile production as factories retool for new models or increases in heating oil production during September in anticipation of the winter heating season. The process may also estimate and remove trading day (business or shipping day) effects and moving holiday effects during the seasonal adjustment process.

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