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Why Run Your Business Blindfolded?

Without the shipment, inventory, and other uniquely reliable forecast tools that our Metals Activity Report(MAR) offers only to survey participants you can’t run your business with the intelligence and foresight you need to compete and prosper in these uncertain times. The predictive MAR reports are a look at the industry’s future you can take to the bank.

Without this predictive insight, you’re running your business blindfolded. You are missing vital, hard numbers that are essential for making informed decisions on inventory management, staffing, capital investment, strategic planning and your company’s growth in the marketplace.

Your peers who consistently use our exclusive 6-month forecasts, the shipping breakdown by products, the materials on order data, and the specific company market share analyses call these reports “invaluable,” and “fantastic tools.”

Yes, it may take you more than a minute to collect the data you’ll need to join this indispensable monthly report. But the reward is your access to trends backward and forward in the market, and the tools to track your company’s progress that are entirely confidential.

The markets and industry dynamics we face are simply unprecedented. MAR forecasts and the rest of our proprietary statistical reports can give you a critical competitive edge.

Benefits of Participation That Are Available Nowhere Else

  • 6-month shipment forecasts
  • More product detail (26 products vs 11 for standard member report)
  • Charts & analysis – visualize the data with analytical tools
  • Material on order index
  • Comparison of your company data to the industry

To participate contact Chris Marti by email or call 847-485-3009.

View the participation guidelines here.