May 11, 2015

Romney and Rauner Share Insights with Metals Service Center Institute Members

Former Governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner both attended MSCI’s Annual Meeting in Chicago last week. 

Romney was a featured speaker; he shared insights on the current political environment and shifting global trends and their impact on the pressing issues affecting the metals industry during a “fireside chat” hosted by MSCI President and CEO Bob Weidner. Romney said, “Innovation, investment and growth are necessary for our country to grow and thrive. One of our challenges is the ability of the American economy to perform better than 2 to 2.5 percent. To see wages rise, we need business growth; we are not seeing policies conducive to business growth.” 

Gov. Bruce Rauner, Illinois’ 42nd governor, talked about his proposals to rebalance the state’s budget and create a vibrant Illinois manufacturing sector. He also spoke about the importance of manufacturing to the overall economic health of the United States economy. “Manufacturing is an extremely important part of Illinois’ past, and I am working to make sure it’s an important part of its future,” Rauner said. “My Turnaround Agenda works to make Illinois more welcoming to manufacturing firms so they can grow and thrive, which will help make Illinois the most competitive state in America.” 

After the appearances, Weidner said, “Governors Romney and Rauner are highly successful business leaders who chose to participate in our nation’s political system to help make our country more prosperous. It’s important for our members to hear first-hand these leaders’ perspectives on the nexus between business and politics. Now, more than ever, politics and policy are directly linked; the success of our member companies depends on seemingly incremental policy changes in Washington. Our industry continues to do our part to create jobs and fuel economic growth, and we intend be at the table to give a voice to the millions of employees whose jobs depend on a strong and secure U.S. manufacturing industry.” 

Chicago Now noted Gov. Rauner’s appearance at the Annual Meeting.