November 17, 2014

Senate To Vote On Keystone Bill Tuesday: Supporters Are One Vote Shy Of Votes Needs So Call Your Senators Now!

The U.S. House passed a bill on Friday that would bypass the Obama administration and give approval to the Keystone XL Pipeline project. The measure passed on an overwhelming bipartisan vote, 252 to 161. All House Republicans voted for the bill, as did 31 Democrats. (Click here to see how your representative voted.) 

The U.S. Senate is expected to take up this bill, H.R. 5682, on Tuesday. It is likely there are more than 50 votes in the Senate to support the bill, but that is still not enough to overcome a filibuster in the Senate or to override a veto by President Barack Obama. (At this writing, it is unclear whether the president would veto the bill, even though he wants to retain control of the approval process.) 

According to the National Journal, Keystone supporters are just one vote shy of the 60 vote margin after two more Democrats said last week they would support the legislation in the upper chamber. 

As such, MSCI members are encouraged to call their senators to ask them to vote for the bill. You can find phone numbers for all U.S. senators here. In advance of these calls, we encourage you to read about the employment benefits of the Keystone XL Pipeline and about the benefits the pipeline will have for U.S. energy security. But the main thing lawmakers need to hear is that, after a six-year long approval process, you and other members of our industry support the pipeline – and believe that it’s time for Washington to act to approve it now.