September 29, 2014

The Hill Features Bob Weidner Column on Cost of U.S. Regulations

The Hill, a Washington, DC newspaper widely read in the halls of Congress and by executive branch officials, last week featured a column by MSCI’s Bob Weidner on the cost of U.S. regulations. The column notes federal rules cost the average consumer nearly $15,000 a year and that many federal regulations, including the Security and Exchange Commission’s conflict minerals rule, have no discernable positive impact on Americans. Weidner advises, “Congress needs to hear from voters on this issue. When we go to the grocery store, fill up our tank, or turn on the lights – and especially when we go to the ballot box – we must remember the personal cost of overregulation and vote for lawmakers who aim to keep it in check.” Check out the full column on The Hill’s website. The National Association of Manufacturers and George Washington University’s Regulatory Studies Center each featured Weidner’s column in emails to their members and subscribers.