January 23, 2018 | by    

TransCanada Says It Will Move Ahead With Keystone Pipeline Construction In 2019

Late last year, Connecting the Dots reported that regulators in Nebraska had finally given their approval to a construction path through the state for the Keystone XL Pipeline. The approved path wasn’t the one that the developer, TransCanada, had hoped for, but this past week, TransCanada announced that it would start construction in the Cornhusker state in 2019 anyway. The Associated Press also reported that TransCanada “says it has secured enough long-term commitments from oil companies to ship approximately 500,000 barrels per day through the pipeline.”

Environmental and landowner groups continue to challenge the pipeline in court, so this matter is far from finished. Stay tuned to Connecting the Dots for updates and click here to learn more about the economic impact the pipeline will have.