August 27, 2018

U.S. Announces Preliminary Antidumping Measures On Welded Pipe From Canada, China

As the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported last week, the United States government has initiated preliminary anti-dumping duties on large-diameter welded pipe from Canada, China, Greece, India, South Korea, and Turkey. In 2017, imports of large diameter welded pipe from these countries were valued at an estimated $179.9 million, $29.2 million, $10.7 million, $294.7 million, $150.9 million, and $57.3 million, respectively.

The announcement means the United States will immediately begin to collect penalties ranging from 3.45 percent (for Turkey) to 132 percent (for China). Penalties for Canada will be assessed at 24.38 percent.

In a statement, the U.S. Commerce Department noted the increase in trade enforcement under the Trump administration. The statement said, “The strict enforcement of U.S. trade law is a primary focus of the Trump Administration. Since the beginning of the current Administration, Commerce has initiated 120 new AD and countervailing duty investigations … a 216 percent increase from the comparable period in the previous administration.”

The department will make its final determination in the matter in November for China and India and in January 2019 for Canada, Greece, India, and South Korea. Click here for more information.