May 11, 2015

U.S. Senate Fails In Effort Override “Ambush Elections” Veto

After Democrats pledged to delay a motion to override President Barack Obama’s veto of legislation that would halt the National Labor Relations Board’s “ambush elections” rule, the U.S. Senate voted 96-3 to table the measure. 

According to The Washington Examiner, Republican leaders were afraid the Democrats’ opposition would delay a final vote on a bill giving Congress the authority to review a pending White House nuclear pact with Iran, which the Senate spent the latter part of April debating. (Click here to see how your senator voted on the motion to table.) 

While last week’s vote ends efforts to override the president’s veto, MSCI will continue to support legal efforts, organized by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, to stop this rule. While legislative efforts to roll back the rule stalled, The Business Journals reports labor unions have filed more than 140 requests for elections since the new rule, explained in depth here, took effect in late April.