September 14, 2015

Urgent Request: Write To Congress To Tell Members To Support Safe Trucking Act

According to the Coalition for Transportation Productivity (CTP), which MSCI is a member of, the U.S. House Transportation Committee will begin work on a long-term highway and transportation funding reauthorization bill this Thursday, Sept. 17. The coalition expects a truck weight reform amendment to be offered to the bill by Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI). 

Rep. Ribble’s amendment, which he has also offered as standalone legislation called the Safe Trucking Act, would allow states to permit 91,000 pound six axle trucks for Interstate highway use. The Coalition for Transportation Productivity is working to build support for the Ribble legislation by asking coalition members and their member companies to write to their members of Congress, and members of the House Transportation Committee (a list of which can be found here, to ask them to support and cosponsor the Safe Trucking Act. 

You can read the CTP’s statement in favor of the bill by visiting the coalition’s website. The CTP’s website also offers additional points in favor of the bill here while The Hill published an op-ed in which Rep. Ribble explains the benefits of his legislation. MSCI urges its members to use these resources when writing their letters. 

You can also contact MSCI Vice President of Finance and Government Affairs Jon Kalkwarf for more information about the Safe Trucking Act and for a sample letter to send to members of Congress. Please act quickly – as a reminder, the U.S. House Transportation Committee will begin considering this matter this week!