July 16, 2018

Want To Predict The Future? Check Out MSCI Momentum Monitors

As MSCI CEO Bob Weidner explains, “What we know at MSCI is that access to good data and analysis can help our members predict and plan for the future.”

That’s why MSCI and Keybridge Research, an economic and public policy consulting firm, have developed MSCI Momentum Monitors, a series of end market forecasts available exclusively to members. These reports, which are issued quarterly, will help MSCI members identify where their most important metals end markets are in their economic cycle, and when they might experience a turning point.

“MSCI members have expressed a keen interest in gaining access to better forecasting and data, particularly when it comes to emerging trends and major shifts in end-user market demand,” explained Weidner. “In Keybridge, we’ve found a partner that can help us predict those movements. The insight provided through MSCI Momentum Monitors will be incredibly valuable to our members.”

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