September 23, 2015

WEBINAR: The Crackdown on Independent Contractors

U.S. Department of Labor worker misclassification initiatives

Recently, MSCI hosted its second webinar in the series “Legal Developments in Labor Relations and Human Resources Management: What Every Business Needs to Know.” The guest presenter, Michael Mulhern of Winston & Strawn, presented on regulations and rules around independent contractors. While independent contractors provide flexibility in your workforce and reduce recruitment and overhead costs, if you misclassify a worker as an independent contractor there are serious consequences, including: taxes and penalties; requirements to pay back wages, benefits, and damages; and further investigation into other workers by government agencies like OFCCP, OSHA, or the IRS.

In this webinar, Mulhern addresses how to be compliant, with six factors for determining whether workers are employees or independent contractors. 

Watch the webinar on YouTube.

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