July 3, 2017

Where Is The Commerce Department’s Section 232 Steel Report?

Three weeks ago, Connecting the Dots reported that the U.S. Commerce Department was on the verge of releasing the report stemming from its Section 232 steel investigation.

That report still has noted been released. What happened? While Reuters noted this past week that the Section 232 report is in the final stages of being drafted, American Metal Market (subscription required) reported this past Friday that the Trump administration is now likely to delay the release of the report until after the upcoming G-20 meeting in Germany. That meeting starts on July 7.

Sources also told AMM that they still have had no clear guidance on the scope of the case, “including whether it could cover semi-finished goods or allow for exemptions by product or country.”

Meanwhile, the Capitol Hill newspaper Politico reported, “The president's advisers are coalescing around a tailored approach that would target the steel imports of individual countries, rather than across-the-board measures against every nation that sends steel to the U.S., according to two sources familiar with the discussions.” MSCI will make a statement on this report as soon as it is released, so stay tuned.