August 19, 2015 | by Ashley DeVecht

Why Care About Safety?

VIDEO: Industry leaders talk about the benefits of establishing a culture of safety

Safety matters to each of us in our daily activities. We put our seat belt on when we start our cars. We make sure our children wear their helmets when they ride their bikes. This discipline is part of our everyday lives because we care about our livelihood and the lives of our loved ones. In the same way, safety must become ingrained as a major part of each company’s culture and only then will we see measurable success in the area of safety. 

As industry leaders describe in this video, there are many benefits to establishing an effective safety culture in your company. In fact, a safe company is also a successful company. People want to work in a safe environment and they want to know that their company cares about their health and safety. Safety can be an effective way to attract and retain valuable employees and help increase productivity and quality.

Watch the video above to hear what industry peers think about establishing a culture of safety.

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